Clients, as well as fellow makeup artists, often ask me if luxury beauty products are worth the financial investment. The answer is it depends on why you’re buying them, and if there are comparable substitutes on the market. If you are a consumer who loves pulling an amazing black sleek Chanel compact out of your bag to touch-up your YSL lipstick, then, of course, you’re going to find luxury products worth the hype. You are a brand-conscious buyer, and there is nothing wrong with a luxurious treat if you can afford it. If you are wondering if the hefty price tag means you are getting better ingredients, longer wearability, better packaging, and better performance, then the answer is yes and no. One brand cannot cure all of our makeup needs. I can find amazing products from almost every brand on the market today, but there are only a few brands who can continuously knock the ball out of the park with every collection. 

 I choose to buy luxury products because I grew up obsessed with reading beauty and fashion magazines. There was nothing more satisfying than reading about products in Allure magazine. When I was old enough to afford these luxury products, I went straight to the makeup counters to purchase them. Years ago, I could only buy lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner from some of the higher end brands like Chanel and YSL. Their complexion section left a lot to be desired if you were a woman of color. I found MAC, Nars, and Bobbi Brown to be way more inclusive when it came to complexion products. Brands are much better now in terms of the color ranges they serve. Hey money talks and despite the fallacy out there about women of color not buying luxury makeup products, statistics say we make up a large amount of the billions spent every year on beauty products. 

 So, are today’s higher-end products worth the hype? For me, yes! YSL made one of my favorite powders called Souffle D’Eclat Loose powder. This powder had a luminescent glow to it because of the mother of pearl finely pressed into the product. YSL has discontinued a few shades, and so many of us are crushed about this. Chanel’s Poudre Universelle Libre is a great substitute. When it comes to lipsticks, Chanel has my heart! The textures are incredible, and I have found the nude color range is fantastic! Will I buy foundations for women of color from Chanel or YSL? Probably not! They still leave a lot to be desired when it comes to extending the shade range. I do carry Dior foundations in my kit! When it was revealed that the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle wore Dior’s Backstage Face & Body for her wedding and the shade range included 40 shades ranging from very light to very deep and including olive, peach, and neutral tones, I was sold! Face & Body is a very basic foundation. You must use excellent skin prep to create expensive looking skin. 

The most natural group in my clientele, the Vanillas, love this lightweight formula. They want to see skin, and skin is what you will get! Nars carries two of my favorite foundation formulas, Natural Radiant Longwear foundation, and Sheer Glow. Both formulas have a radiant look, but the Natural Radiant is a heavier coverage. You can use your fingers to apply the Natural Radiant formula if you want a skin-like effect. One of my wonderful teachers Kai informed me that Nars Sheer glow is not a sheer foundation. The “glow” is sheer, not the formula. The formula is more of a medium coverage. In the high-end foundation arena, I love other brands such as Koh Gen Do, Mac’s Face & Body, and Bobbi Brown’s foundations stick to name a few. I buy these products because I have found nothing comparable to them when I am looking for something that looks natural, feels amazing on the skin, and doesn’t have a dense texture. I also choose luxury products because I want my clients to have the best! This is not a comprehensive list, but only a few examples of products I love. 

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