Should I book a bridal trial and when?

One of the most common questions asked by a bride-to-be is, “should I book a bridal trial?” The answer is YES! Let me be very transparent for a moment. I have booked brides who I have never met, arrived on the day to do their makeup, and everything turned out fine. Could the experience and makeup possibly have turned out better? Yes! The brides were delighted, but I did not feel the sense of preparedness or connection that I share with brides I have gotten to know over six months to a year. Looking back, I am thankful that everything turned out alright, but some issues can arise from not meeting a bride beforehand. 

 1. Lack of connection 

 On the biggest day of your life, it is important to work with a person who understands your personality, pain points, likes, and discomforts. Unfortunately, on the day of your wedding, there isn’t enough time to sort out these issues, especially if the makeup artist has scheduled other clients on your big day.

2. Skin Issues

 If you are getting your makeup done for the first time on your big day, your makeup artist doesn’t know much about your skin and how your skin reacts to certain products. The bridal trial day is the perfect time to wear makeup all day and note any skin reactions. 

 3. Sensitivities 

 I have encountered brides who react to products being put on their eyes. Imagine the surprise of not knowing how to handle these issues on the day of someone’s wedding. 


 Natural and dramatic are two words that are interpreted differently by most people. A bride and makeup artist can define natural and dramatic in very different ways. Most likely, the artist won’t have time to redo your entire makeup look if there is a misunderstanding. 

 The only time I think it’s okay to skip a bridal trial is when you know your makeup artist personally, and she has done your makeup before, and you were pleased.

 Finally, when choosing a bridal makeup artist, please select artists whose work you love. A good time to book a bridal trial is 3-6 months before your wedding date or when you have selected your dress, hairstyle, and accessories. 

 Until next time!!!!  

Danielle Rochon