Sir John’s Chicago Masterclass

Two days ago, I attended Sir John’s masterclass here in Chicago. I’ve attended quite a few masterclasses, but this was the most extraordinary and worthwhile class of all. If you don’t know who Sir John is all I’m going to say is he has created some of Queen B Beyonce’s most iconic looks. Follow SirJohnOfficial on Instagram and google his credentials. I promise you; you’ll love him. 

 First of all, this man is GORGEOUS!!! He’s like a real-life Casanova. He’s kind, he’s beautiful, he’s super-talented, he’s creative, and he’s ALLURING!!! Okay, enough of that. The most striking quality about him as an artist is that he seems to be 100% himself and comfortable with who he is. When he first came into the room, he spoke to us like he was a new friend genuinely interested in who we were and where we traveled from to go to his class. He didn’t behave with a sense of superiority, given his incredible career and talent. He made us feel like he was one of us, a person putting one foot in front of the other every day and trying to do his absolute best with what blessings he’s been given. He created two makeup looks for us. One was a very clean makeup look that did not transform his model into a completely different person but enhanced her a bit. The second look on the second model was an editorial look with glitter and beautiful skin. He is all about beautiful skin and enhancing what a woman is working with. In the age of Instagram makeup, it is so refreshing to see someone who can see the person in front of him and not try to recreate the person into someone completely different. I was drawn to his artistry because I love an artist who can do beautiful, radiant skin and because Beyonce never looks overdone. After the makeup demonstrations, we had lunch at a salon next door. After lunch, the attendees recreated his looks on each other. Sir John and his staff, along with Erica Carr, assisted us in recreating the looks. Goodies were given out if someone did skin well or eyes. After we recreated the looks, it was time to pack our kits and prepare for cocktail hour. We had champagne and more food, and we mingled and bonded as a community of makeup artists. I can’t go into more detail about this class because I am a believer in respecting the teacher who has paved the way and respecting the attendees who spent their hard earned money on investing in masterclasses. 

 I will leave you with a few takeaways from this class. 

 1. I appreciated the tone Erica Carr set at the beginning of the class when she said we are all on the same level in the class. No matter how long we had been doing makeup, it didn’t matter. We were all there to learn. Erica also pointed out things to consider when setting your makeup rate. She said cost plus time plus reputation equal value! Consider all 3 of these things when setting your makeup rate.

 2. Stop discounting your rate. Do it free or don’t do it at all! Ask yourself if the opportunity is going to move the needle in your career? If not, why do it? 

 3. Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid are a great one-two punch for antiaging. If you want to know more, YOU MUST ATTEND HIS CLASS!!! 

 Someone asked me on Instagram if Sir John’s class was worth the money. My answer is ABSOLUTELY! I learned less is truly more, and you don’t have to overpaint someone to create gorgeous makeup looks. Lead with kindness and be yourself! You can only be successful if you are 100 percent yourself and create your content! 

Enjoy your Friday loves! 


Danielle Rochon