The best way to remove your makeup

One of the best ways to remove makeup, at the end of a long day, is through double-cleansing. To double cleanse, first take a makeup wipe or an oil-based product and gently remove your makeup. I normally choose makeup wipes, but I am very particular about the kind of makeup wipe I use because they’re not all made equal. Some wipes contain too many ingredients and those ingredients can cause irritation. My favorite wipe is Mac’s Gently Off wipes. These wipes were created for sensitive skin and eyes and are non-irritating. If you’re not sure which products you should choose when purchasing new skincare, try products labeled for “sensitive skin” because these products aren’t made with harsh ingredients. 

After all of your makeup is removed, start cleansing your skin with your favorite face cleanser. I like to use Philosphy’s Purity Made Simple with a Face Halo remover. I find this to be the best way to remove dirt, oil, and makeup because of the fibers in the Face Halo remover. This special pad is able to trap and remove makeup for a deep cleanse. I like to use the white Face Halo remover so I can be certain that no makeup is left on my face.

I typically don’t wear really heavy makeup, but if I do wear it, I use the fourth step in my makeup routine. To make sure my pores are clear and clean, I use Fresh’s Umbrian Clay Pore and Purifying Face Mask. I never have to worry about a pesky pimple when I use this mask. My skin is left untextured and my pores look smaller. 

Finally, I use Sonia Roselli’s Sexappeal once a week to exfoliate any dead skin buildup that may be on my face and decolletage. Exfoliating once a week is enough for most people. Here’s the address to grab your bottle of Sexappeal Grab yours before she sells out again!

I’d love to hear how you remove your makeup. Feel free to comment below!

Until next time…..

Danielle Rochon